Shamli is the city basically known by its top quality of the sugar cane and paddy which is too much famous in india and abroad , its approx 100 kilometers from delhi and 60 kilometers from meerut and nearly 30 kilometers from Panipat and about 40 kilometers from Karnal , Basically it situated almost all four major cities of india and this is the major in the Agriculture and the number of the person in the military you have seen lots of the boys from here only and provide their services to the others state also like Haryana Police and Delhi Police also

Location is here you can easily reach by following these coordinates.

Major contribution in the area is the Agriculture and their sugar cane is already world famous and exported to the different countries and many states in India , People basically known as farmers and they fulfill this noun cause they are well satisfied to grow this as their best level and serve to the country in this manner.