shamli news

India is a land of agriculture where shamli district villages and other magnificent and breathtaking scenic beauty. It is a country india blessed with diverse geographical relief and religious belief, features and natural hot spots.

Shamli is basically known as its best and amazing agriculture crops with amazing quality and you also have heard about the shamli news , most of the news are based upon the farmers and their hard work here.

You can see most of the shamli video which clearly shows the agriculture era of this land, But these days Shamli which also the district of Uttar Pradesh make their name in various challenging field like education and engineering , you can clearly see shamli photos below for its beauty and the ancient history which make this place awesome and separate from other too much crowd area and metro cities.

Shamli is divided between , shamli district blocks which makes this easier to understand about the colony and its type of business is conducting over there.If you want to know about the shamli direction then its always easier cause its basically 100 KM from the Indian capital and very famous for its agriculture and other education stuff.

At the different time to time the shamli sdm name is changes as per their duties and their work performed for that particular area and you regular basis can check the different name here always.

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