Why do All Indians value government jobs so much

People of India give importance to govt job because of following reasons

  1. Job security : Any job in government sector is governed by various rules and regulations which are in favour of employees .Due to that it is almost difficult to sack government employee
  2. Perks available : As a govt employee, u get well furnished accomodation at meagre amount,LTC every 4years, Govt vehicle for officers, medical facility for family. Interest free/subsided interest loans for house building, purchase of vehicle etc. I live in Chandigarh and I am given well furnished 4 BHK flat in posh locality for which my HRA up to 6000/- deducted monthly.
  3. Availability of servent,help : well this is not entirely true for every govt employee. But there is easy availability of servents for officers in every govt department . There are many cases when some officers misuse this facility by posting as many as 3–4 servents in home
  4. Our country still have colonial legacy. Due to this Govt job commands authority and power unlike private job. This motivates lot of individuals to apply for Govt job every year
  5. Less work pressure and good work life balance : only once in blue moon I have to sit in office in office after 6 whereas many of my friends who are working in private sector, sitting in office up to 8 o clock is daily routine
  6. Leaves and holidays : i am working as officer in Govt of Punjab. We have 10 casual leaves, 15 earned leaves, 6 restricted leaves, 15 medical leaves, 4 half day leaves on specific festival and almost 40 gazetted holidays apart from Saturday and Sunday. No job in private sector give you that much luxury
  7. Development of people skills and leadership skills : I joined as a officer in Punjab govt at the age of 26. From the day one , approx 50 people are working under me . So it gives me immense opportunity to develop my leadership and people skills. No job in private sector will provide you this opportunity at the young age.
  8. As a govt employee, you are public servant . You are not working for one promotor or family. As a great man once said: Govt is for the people and by the people. So it give u immense opportunity to work at grass route level and touching the lives of ordinary people. Personally it gives me great Job satisfaction which I can not get by earning 6 figure income
  9. Prestige : Govt job is associated with prestige and recognition. As a officer, people respect u and recognise you. You can also get opportunity to join exclusive clubs like golf club ,service clubs of your region at bare minimum fee which help you to develop certain kind of lifestyle that is in reach of big businessmen and rich people of society .

But Govt sector also have it’s fair share of problems like stagnation, no rewards for excellence, corruption, political interference ,less salary comparative to private sector. It makes the govt sector less attractive to today s young generation. As our country is in transition phase due to growth of service industry and manufacturing industry, demand and interest in Govt jobs are decreasing day by day. Now Govt officers and employees are slowly confining to regulation and supervision only.


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